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Pebble Beach


My aim is to walk with clients as they move toward a place of understanding of who they really might be, and what is really going on in their world that is causing them to struggle. In an increasingly complex world, gaining self-awareness and self-compassion is of crucial importance.

I really understand the challenges of immigration, and welcome you to discuss your concerns. Moving countries has provided me rich opportunities for reflection, cross-cultural understanding and learning how to be human.

In addition to working in private practice (individual/group therapy), I have many years of experience working in private psychiatric hospitals in both Sydney and Zurich. I also work as an expedition psychologist in Scotland, which involves accompanying clients on therapeutic expeditions in extreme outdoor environments.


I draw primarily on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - an empirically-based psychological intervention that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies together with commitment and behaviour change strategies to increase psychological flexibility. 


Psychological flexibility means being able to contact the present moment as it is, and living a rich, meaningful life according to your values.


My name is Jonathan Back and I am an English-speaking psychologist from Australia.


I have been living in Hamburg, Germany since 2013 and offer psychotherapy in English only.

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